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About Us

Our Passion & Our Mission

 Business Owner of Secure Paws & Claws & K9PATs - Louise Joesbury

Qualifications & Expertise

  • Certified Positive Reinforcement Assistance Dog Trainer SDC

  • Positive Reinforcement PTSD Assistance Dog Training Professional 

  • Assistance Dog Public Access Test Assessor (PAT, WA Govt DLGC)

  • Service Dog Fundamentals Course Completed - Cooperative Paws

  • PTSD Assistance Dog Specialist Trained

  • The Retrieve Essential Service Dog Task Trained

  • Professional Dog Trainer Certified

  • WA mindDog Trainer 

  • Assistance Dog Trainer & Volunteer

  • Service Dog Coaching Program Compled - Cooperative Paws

  • Diploma Certification Positive Canine Coaching (Dog Training & Behaviour Specialist)

  • Advanced Certificate Canine Reactive Behaviour

  • Professional & Certified Dog & Cat Groomer

  • Former Registered Golden Retriever Breeder (Prefix FRALOU)

  • Experience working alongside Drug, Contraband & Offender Detection Dogs.

  • Dogs West Show Dog Training

  • Professional Pet Care Business owner (Secure Paws & Claws) Professional Dog Walking & Training

  • Professional Development Dog Behaviour & Training "Force Free & Positive Reinforcement Reward based"

  • UK's largest Positive Dog Training Academy Member

  • Recallers Member - Susan Garrett

  • Advance level Dog Obedience Training

  • Family Registered Cattery/Pedigree Breeder expertise (CHINKALOU/ATADBITSHORT)

  • Certified Pet Aromatherapist

  • Equine Grooming, Show Preparation & Clipping

  • Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals 

  • Former Horse Training Property Management & Owner (30+ years experience) 

  • Graduate Diploma of Education

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Train the Trainer, Forensic Investigation

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Curtin University

  • Former WA Police Officer (17+ years)

  • Pet Sitter Training Course Petsittingology

  • Professional Artist - project "Danegels" see Pet Portrait page


  • Royal Life Saving Bravery Award 

  • Awarded Police Star Medal

  • Awarded Western Australian Police Service Medal

  • Awarded National Police Medal

  • Awarded Senior Constable Recognition

  • School Based Officer/General Police duty Achievements

​Current Memberships

  • Dogswest Member (WA Canine Association)

  • Pet Professional Guild Australia - Dog Training Professional Full Membership 

  • The Pet Professional Guild International - Dog Training Professional Full Membership 

  • Show Dog Obedience Training 

  • Training Academy Member

  • Recallers Member 'Say Yes Dog Training'

  • Great Dane Lovers Association of WA

  • RSL Affiliate Member

Professional Development 

  • Positive Reinforcement Service Dog Coaching Course Completed - Cooperative Paws (2019)

  • Service Dog PTSD Course Completed - Cooperative Paws (2019)

  • Service Dog Fundamentals Course Completed - Cooperative Paws (2019)

  • Crate Games - Susan Garrett

  • Pro Dog Trainer Course Certification

  • Dogwest Show Dog Obedience Class

  • Dealing with Aggressive & Reactive Behaviours (John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Trainer)

  • Seeing Through a Dog’s Nose: Emotional and Environmental Enrichment with Scent  Completion Certificate

  • Puppy Program Completion

  • Dog Training Academy

  • Dogs with Reactive Behaviour

  • Loose Leash work

  • Working with Dogs with problem behaviours

  • Bomb proofing Dogs

  • Developing optimism & focus

  • Transforming Dogs with negative behaviours to positive behaviours

  • Fear Free Vet visits (Laura Ryder)

  • Understanding the Canine Brain ( Dr Nicole Lobry de Brun)

  • Hormones and their Effect on Young Dogs (Sam Turner)

  • Scentsationalise Your Dog Training Classes (Fiona Cowrie)

  • Fear Free Nail Trimming "Nailed it: A Course in Canine Nail Care" Lori Nanan 

Training, Grooming, Showing & caring for animals were skills that naturally progressed from an early age as these qualities underpinned all of my experiences working both personally & professionally with a variety of pets and in particular Dogs, Cats & Horses. As a University qualified Educator & Cert IV Trainer & Assessor, I have always been passionate about personal development skills in everything that I have undertaken. This is paramount  to ensure that I am up to date with industry standards and recommendations. My training ethos promotes "No Pain, No Force and No Fear" and the importance of positive reward based principles and diverse training practices to meet the individual needs of each dog and particularly with positive behaviour modification strategies. Over the years science has proven the value of positive reward based dog training and that the use of aversive training practices have no value in building a dogs confidence, and further reinforces their fear and destroys the relationship between a dog and the handler/trainer.


The love of animals was embedded in me at a young age, growing up in a family of pet lovers, who ran a cattery breeding a variety of pedigree cats and are still involved in a cat organisation and my mum is an international Cat Judge, attending Cat Shows world wide. At home we loved and cared for many pets including birds, fish, pet mice, guinea pigs and a rescued long haired German Shepherd, which started my passion for animal welfare.


With a history of so many animals it was of no surprise that I fell in love with horses & dogs, training and competing seriously in Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage owning an innumerable amount over the period of 30+ years. I was also a Registered Dog breeder of Golden Retrievers for several years until showing horses took over most of my spare time.. In those days my beloved, well trained and adapted dogs travelled with us to horse competitions around the state living a life out the back of my horse float or my horse truck, a common practice throughout the horse camping sites. 

Training horses began for me at just  13 years of age with my first horse, that was no school master but taught me an  early respect for training animals, a great deal of patience and the never ending passion of equestrian show jumping and eventing competition. In the early years I used to ride my horse to Horsemans Pony Club originally housed on Kalamunda Road in High Wycombe, those years were invaluable in becoming a horse professional by the age of 22, purchasing an 11 acre property in the Swan Valley. As well as horses, I housed a menagerie of animals, including rescued wild life, sheep and any other stray livestock that I caught wandering on the road side of the fence..


For several years, in the early 1990's, I was a Registered breeder of Golden Retrievers, and since then have attended many Dog Obedience training classes. My current Golden Retriever is working at an Advanced level Dog Obedience and this year training for Dancing with Dogs  I have been working professionally with dogs in my Pet Care and Dog/Cat Grooming business Secure Paws & Claws & AromaPetology walking and training a diversity of dog breeds and adopted rescues too.. Over this time I have also been conducting Puppy consultations and Puppy Care Packages for new dog owners. It was through this service I assisted a family raise a Great Dane Puppy and absolutely fell in love with the giant breed. Since then I have walked and assisted training quite a few of the Giant Breeds which led me to adopt a young Great Dane, from GDLAWA an amazing Great Dane rescue organisation. Since becoming a member have regularly attended club walks  and events.


Having been an active dog walker and trainer  for most of my life, this has equipped me with a diversity of skills and experience with a variety of breeds and raising puppies so they can put their best paw forwards. Over the years I have dealt with all kinds of animals, including many emergency and care situations, which has given me extensive pet care skills, All our services aim to improve the lives of pets and their owners combining the many years of extensive experience working both personally and professionally with animals.


Holistic Care Approach 

I have been interested in a holistic approach to pet care for well over 10 years, as a result of my last two Golden Retrievers having autoimmune disorders and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. With compromised immune systems, I turned to complimentary therapies  for long term solutions and the consideration of all factors that influence a dogs experiences. I also eliminated any chemical treatments, and toxic substances used in the home, titer testing rather than yearly vaccinations, and eliminating dog biscuits from their diet.

Since being a registered breeder of Retrievers , this breed is now the most susceptible to cancer and their life span has dramatically reduced from living into the late teens to averaging around 10 years of age. With this in mind and the number of pets I have cared for more recently with chronic health conditions, I was compelled to assist others to remove harmful chemicals in the home that affect not only their health but that of their pets and educating about the importance of calming strategies in a dogs everyday experiences. If you would like to learn more about our services please give us a call on 0408 899 875.

Remember our motto - Reward for Calmness & Be Pawsitive! 

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