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Positive Canine Coaching

Positive Dog Training & Behaviour Specialist - Diploma Certification with Distinction

'Positive' Concept Dog Trainer & General Dog Obedience

We use only ‘positive’ reward and reinforcement training methods based on the latest scientific research, giving dogs a voice and the freedom to make choices. We consider a dog’s individual personality and breed traits, to maximise their learning experience and turning their struggles into ‘Pawsome’ strengths.

What ever the struggle ‘we have a game for that’... :)  As a concept game trainer we implement fun and enriching training techniques, fast tracking general dog obedience, improving a dog’s lifestyle skills and builds strong human-dog relationships. Concepts are the attitudes that we want our dogs to develop so they can act positively in any situation or environment. When you present dogs with a learning opportunity, where they have the freedom to make choices, this is powerful learning for life.

The games are used to shape the dog’s personality and how they see the world around them, including building value in their most important element being their owner. We also include calming strategies as dog’s make better choices in this state and it is a fundamental requirement for learning. When we make learning fun and focus on the dog behaviours that we do want, this assists to strengthen a dog’s brain pathways that build optimism, reliability, resilience, confidence and trust.

Optimistic dogs are more able to deal with ambiguous events and novelty, and remain owner focused rather than becoming disengaged and shutting down in the face of distractions. In environments that trigger reactivity, we also prepare a dog and their owner with the right skills and understanding to respond positively and overcome any adverse consequences.

Our coaching program has an emphasis on making learning fun, management strategies within the home to prevent rehearsal of unwanted behaviours and training life skills for dogs 24/7, which includes capturing and rewarding positive behaviours at every opportunity.

Anything is ‘Pawsible’ when you take the leap into ‘Pawsitivity’

Secure Paws & Claws,  Mb: 0408 899 875,


Our "Pawsitive" Dog Behaviour Modification Program Consultation is thorough and considers the whole dog to establish the right positive behaviour modification and meets the needs of each dog on an individual basis. Through positive "force free" dog training, fun concept games and promoting canine enrichment we can decrease a dogs level of distraction and reactivity in their everyday experiences and fast track general dog obedience with more confidence, focus, resilience and optimism.


Training gives a dog a clear sense of structure and boundaries and the flexibility to adjust from a state of excitement to a state of calm. Deprivation of these key components can result in a dog’s distrust and fear, and frustration leading to aggression. Also as a result of poor exercise regimes, over exertion and stimulation can further contribute to a state of hypervigilance, frustration, boredom, poor health, fatigue, exhaustion and developing unwanted behaviours.

As a positive canine coach we focus on training 24/7 as every minute you are shaping your dog's behaviour so in-home training is the first step to more Pawsitive behaviours., We also take into consideration your dogs lifestyle and adapt our programs to meet each clients individual needs. Lets start off on the "Right Paw" and begin a fun way of training and become the centre of your dog’s universe as everything is Pawsibile!.


Services & Pricing

We offer a 10% discount for purchasing a block of services from $85 for a 60 minute session


Book a 'Positive' Dog Training & Behaviour Consultation & inclusive of 2 x 60 minute training sessions


Block of 5 or 10 Dog Training Services for $85 each 60 minute session, and receive a 10% Discount.


Grooming Services combined with Positive Canine Coaching for confidence building and assisting anxious, fearful and aggressive dogs from $85.

We assist dogs with anxiety and aggression when being groomed by incorporating Positive Canine Coaching and Walking into our grooming service, breaking the cycle of fear. Our Free Consultation is thorough and considers the whole dog to establish the right positive behaviour modification. The behaviour of dogs on the grooming table is greatly influenced by the relationship the dog has with its owner, temperament, past experiences and level of training.  Our "Dog Walk Train Groom" service was developed to assist clients prepare their dogs better for the grooming experience and assist the dog with the following outcomes: 

  • Calming 

  • Alleviating stress

  • Respond to basic commands 

  • Overcoming fear

  • Improve confidence, trust and optimism

  • Understand positive reinforcement and praise

  • Make grooming a positive experience

Grooming is not a natural experience for a dog but a necessary one, which requires advanced handling techniques and processes and sharp tools. If a dog is young or has behavioural issues grooming poses a greater risk for both the dog and the groomer, including the quality of the groom. The better the dog is prepared for the experience it leads to better outcomes and a less stressful event for all parties concerned.


Regular grooming is a necessity for all dogs and the failure to address this maybe a contributing factor to the dogs behavioural issues like aggression when being handled in pain.  Common problems causing pain are matted coats and long or broken nails.  Conditions of a dogs bottom that often cause distress are blocked or full anal glands and dried stools left hanging on the fur. Moisture build up from the over growth of fur in and around the ears, paws, toes and pads can also contribute to obsessive paw licking or chewing and yeast infections causing pain. Our mobile grooming service meets the needs of each dog on an individual basis and encourages the proactive assistance of the dogs owner to ensure their dogs experience is a positive one.

Remember our motto - Reward for Calmness & Be Pawsitive! 

Dog Training Services & Pricing
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