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Certified Dog and Cat Groomer

Mobile Grooming & in-home - Clipping & Styling Services, Nail Trims, Gland expression and Comfort clips 

Complimentary all natural calming solutions & treatments 

Grooming Services from $25 for Dogs and Cats
Full Lion Clip for Cats including Nail clip From $100, additional cost for matting, difficulty of the groom, and travel costs.

Certificate in Pet Grooming and highly experienced handling Dogs and Cats, over 35 years of expertise in family run Cattery and Registered Pedigree Breeding Persians, Exotics and Munchkins, past registered Golden Retriever breeder, Equine Grooming & Clipping, Pet Care & Grooming Business owner, Professional Positive Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviour Specialist.  

Grooming is not a natural experience for a dog or cat but a necessary one, which requires advanced handling techniques and processes. Regular grooming is so important in maintaining good health and well-being of your pet and as groomers we do so much more than just clipping coats and trimming nails. We often notice physical and/or behavioural issues that may be of a concern to your dog or cat, including skin conditions, flea infestations, postural discomforts, and infections. Painful matted coats on dogs and cats can also be the cause of aggressive tendencies, and often in a behavioural assessment the need for grooming is overlooked.

When coats are left matted it pulls on the skin, restricts movement, hides grass seed abscesses and skin infections like hotspots, flea and other parasite infestations,  and causes discomfort and pain. Having dogs' nails trimmed regularly prevents them curling back into toe pads causing injury and/or pain, prevents paw soreness, toe bruising and postural abnormalities. Regular nail maintenance increases a pet’s ability to walk and run without slipping. When cats claws are trimmed it prevents them getting caught up in the furniture and carpets and also lessens the chance of injury to other pets during play.

The behaviour of dogs on the grooming table is greatly influenced by the relationship the dog has with its owner, temperament, past experiences and level of training. In all our grooming services we include Positive Canine Coaching to assist our clients prepare their dogs better for the grooming experience and modify the behaviour of dogs that are anxious, fearful or aggressive when being groomed. Our mobile grooming service meets the needs of each dog on an individual basis. We encourage and support clients taking a proactive approach to their dogs’ behaviour and happy to provide assistance in positive behaviour modification and welcome their feedback.

Our motto "healthy pets are happy pets"

Don't forget to ask us about our "Chemical free" solutions 

In the home with pets we also recommend using all natural products, minimising the use of chemicals, plastics, synthetics and fragranced products. What seems like a daunting task is actually alot simplier than you may think. Please ask us about chemical free solutions. If you would like to know more about our Services please contact us directly or through our Contact page, thank you.

Mb: 0408 899 875 or Email:

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