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The Welfare of Pets is Important to Us!

AromaPetology only uses high quality therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living, the world leading company in cultivation, distillation and production of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil products. With a “Seed to Seal” guarantee, their oils are 100% pure, grown directly from many of Young Living farms throughout the world.  Each bottle of Young Living essential oil can be traced back to the location where it was farmed and distilled. All Young Living members are welcome to visit any of their farms throughout the world.

Safe Use of Essential Oils with Pets 

If your pet has an illness/condition or is under veterinary treatment please speak to your medical specialist before using Essential Oils on your pet. It is extremely important that you use a "Less is More" approach and dilute the oils to the recommended ratios before using them with your pet. Read the essential oil bottle recommendations and directions for use, if it does not specify that it can be used on pets the instructions are for the use with humans, precede with caution and follow the companies recommended guidelines.

Always monitor their responses and behaviour and never diffuse essential oils around caged birds. When using a room diffuser open a door for them to leave if they choose too. Before applying undiluted essentials oils to your pet seek the advice from an experienced holistic veterinarian and it is really important when first introducing essential oils to your pet, they associate an aroma with a positive experience.


Animals & Oils What You Need To Know - Young Living Blog

Safety – Read Labels on the bottles

General Do’s & Don’ts


  • Dilute heavily with a carrier oil at least 75% 1:3 ratio

  • Start small and use in moderation

  • Observe how the animal responds

  • Care for each animal differently



  • Use oils near animals eyes, mouth, nose or sensitive areas

  • Use “Hot” oils like Peppermint

  • Use high Phenol oils such as Oregano, Clove, Wintergreen and Thyme



  • Cats are highly sensitive to essential oils and require heavy dilution, however wearing pendant diffusers is a safe and effective way that cats can benefit from the subtle aromas, 

  • Start with 1 drop oil to 4 parts carrier oil

  • Avoid Citrus oils - d –limonene and photosensitive

  • Apply to Paws – not recommend

  • Wear or diffuse near animal to acclimate them- Pendant Diffusers



  • Start with 1-5 drops, depending on size of the dog

  • Dilute at least 75%

  • Avoid using with puppies

  • Wear or diffuse near animal to acclimate them

  • Do not administer internally

  • Apply to paws – Not recommended

Pendant Diffusers are the safest and most effective  way to use essential oils with Pets

  • Pendants wear on yourself

  • Pet Pendant Diffusers

  • Car Pendant Diffuser

  • Aroma Button

Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Homes for People & Pets

Today many homes are inundated with multiple chemical and synthetic aromas, contributing to physical and emotional health concerns of our pets. Animals have powerful scent receptors that make them extremely responsive to scents in their environment. The fragrance of a diffused essential oil can directly affect the emotional state, health condition, and alertness of household pets effectively calming and alleviating stress.

Making small, positive, daily changes in the home can have a notable impact on the long-term well-being of your family and pets. Everything in the environment that touches your pet’s skin or fur, will be absorbed into their bodies. This is particularly important as the skin is the largest external organ of the body, providing protection from injury, damage and disease. Dogs are extremely sensitive as their epidermis (skin) is only 3 to 5 cells thick, a lot thinner and more sensitive than humans which is around 10 to 15 cells thick.


​Essential oils have the capacity to transform our environment. They provide a dual benefit by assisting us both emotionally and physically, promoting overall good health and well-being. Essential oils are so much more than delightful aromas!................The results will amaze you.

Please Read Our Disclaimer 



Information contained here on AromaPetology's website and for all AromaPetology services is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, cure, prevent any disease or treat any conditions for humans or animals and is not a substitute for professional healthcare medical attention. It is for educational and information purposes only. Essential oils should only be prescribed for medical conditions and/or ailments by trained healthcare specialists and always refer to the safe use of essential oil information on the bottle label, and safety data information provided when purchasing essential oils. Always speak to your medical professional specialist before using essential oils if you or your pet have a medical condition and always use essential oils with caution when working with animals. AromaPetology the publisher of this website shall have neither responsibility nor liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained therein. All rights are reserved, no part maybe reproduced in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic, duplication, photocopied or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from the publisher, thank you. ©2017 by AromaPetology

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